mercredi 24 septembre 2008


A Friend of mine asked me two questions.

1, Do you really believe every problem gonna have a solution?

Questions/problems are a wrong concept. Coz it separates in two (question and answer / problem and solution) something which is one whole thing.
In the global energy, there is neither question nor answer but a balance. And anyway the balance is all the time right.
The quantity of material (so energy) in the universe is finished. It just transforms from one form to another.
When something is missing somewhere, something is too much somewhere else. But not too far, coz energy is a reality.

If you miss something, it is because you have too much of something else. Three solutions:
- You need this too much, so you don’t need for now what is missing
- You don’t need what is too much, so let it go and that will free the place for what is missing.
- You need both, so you must owne more of the global energy. Deserve it !

You have all the answers around you, but you ask wrongly your destiny!
The day you gonna get both question and answer at the same time, you will be close to your own destiny.
Remember “Carpe Diem”?

2, Will you feel you are drifting and don't have roots sometimes?

Not anymore. But I did, for sure! And certainly more than you. I did visit Hell and talk to Satan himself. (He wears no horn but use a cell telephone)
First of all, let me tell you this: This is your chance!
if you weren’t feeling that, you will be a stupid scatterbrained Barbie… I guess.
Our roots are so deep that we even ignore they do exist. So we try to find comfort in superficial stuff, Wanting to joint this or that human category. We do leave our private humanity for to be in a collective humanity that is more secure.
But far from to give us the answers (yes it is in connection with the first question) for our own evolution. Society can’t give us our private way, neither religion, nor whatever… Knowing ourselves to the deepest is the only way that leads to our own place in the global energy. No more drift there, coz the real roots are in you. You just have to “unlearn” all the bullshit society teach us, and find your own truth.
If your truth is to go in a field and sing loud, even out of tune, do it! And you will connect to your own roots.
What you feel as “having no roots” is in fact that you are leaving false roots of the society. Now, quest for yourself!

...Am I wrong ?

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