vendredi 27 février 2009

Leaving the Flatland

Tomorrow, I will leave the flatland
Two dimensions are no more enough.

The first part of my life has been for basic learning.
I learnt the point.
As a child, my universe concentrates on itself.
All is rushing around me.
My mom, there. My dad, no there.
My sister, then my sisters…
I am the center of that world.
I am king in my own kingdom.
I am kind to my own kindness.
Egocentricity based on innocence…
But the others disagree.
The others gonna teach me
I am not the center of their universe.
Shit ! So I am no more King in my Kingdom?

I learnt the line.
Once the “other” entered in my land,
There is distance.
From my point to his point.
It draws a line of circulating.
From me to ..
From … to me.
Here is a cruel lesson.
Exponential adversity where opinions
Cross without meeting.
I unlearnt harmony
I learnt geometry.
Triangle, square, multi-forms
Are mixing my growing emotions.
Who am I in that crowd ?
I lost myself here,
At the flatland of mankind.
I learnt hope.
Where all is flat, I quest for verticality.
Where all is grey, I wonder for a rainbow.
Where all is crowded, I search for loneliness.
And only faith is my support.
I learnt the third dimension.

Tomorrow, I will leave my flatland.
No more triangles, squares, multi-forms.
What will it be ?

Note one: Inspired by Edwin A. Abbott's "FLATLAND "1884

Nb: This blog will stay silencious for a while. Don't know how long. But I will be back on it... sure ! I will have so much to say ...

mardi 24 février 2009

The wind

Je suis le vent, je suis l’urgence.
Je suis la résonance du temps.
Je suis la branche qui meure
A l’hiver et renait oiseau.
Je suis multitude en solitaire,
M’abreuvant aux étoiles
Et sur les ouragans.
Je suis cet enfant qui pleure
Et cette muse qui sourit.
Je suis la mémoire qui oublie.
Je suis tournoiements
Dans le ventre de la terre,
Je jaillis en écume sur les côtes,
Là où les dauphins vont pleurer.
Je suis fière et je suis pauvre,
Je suis une simple note à l’horizon.
Je suis la flamme
Qui vacille sans s’éteindre.
Je suis le glorieux inculte
Qui ne saura jamais rien.
Je suis celui qui écoute
Dans le ciel les réponses.
Je suis questions sans lendemain.
Je suis poussière d’astre
Au sommet du firmament.
Je suis tout,
Car je ne suis rien….

I am the wind, I am urgency.
I am the resonance of time.
I am the branch which dies
At the winter and bird recurring.
I am multitude as a recluse,
Watering with stars
And on the hurricanes.
I am this child who cries
And this muse who smiles.
I am the memory which forgets.
I am whirling
In the belly of the earth,
I spouted out in foam on the coasts,
Where the dolphins go to cry.
I am proud and I am poor,
I am a simple note at the horizon.
I am the flame
Which wavers without dying out.
I am the glorious uncultivated one
Who will never know anything.
I am the one who listens
For answers at the sky .
I am questions without a future.
I am dust of star
At the top of the firmament.
I am all,
Because I am nothing….