vendredi 27 février 2009

Leaving the Flatland

Tomorrow, I will leave the flatland
Two dimensions are no more enough.

The first part of my life has been for basic learning.
I learnt the point.
As a child, my universe concentrates on itself.
All is rushing around me.
My mom, there. My dad, no there.
My sister, then my sisters…
I am the center of that world.
I am king in my own kingdom.
I am kind to my own kindness.
Egocentricity based on innocence…
But the others disagree.
The others gonna teach me
I am not the center of their universe.
Shit ! So I am no more King in my Kingdom?

I learnt the line.
Once the “other” entered in my land,
There is distance.
From my point to his point.
It draws a line of circulating.
From me to ..
From … to me.
Here is a cruel lesson.
Exponential adversity where opinions
Cross without meeting.
I unlearnt harmony
I learnt geometry.
Triangle, square, multi-forms
Are mixing my growing emotions.
Who am I in that crowd ?
I lost myself here,
At the flatland of mankind.
I learnt hope.
Where all is flat, I quest for verticality.
Where all is grey, I wonder for a rainbow.
Where all is crowded, I search for loneliness.
And only faith is my support.
I learnt the third dimension.

Tomorrow, I will leave my flatland.
No more triangles, squares, multi-forms.
What will it be ?

Note one: Inspired by Edwin A. Abbott's "FLATLAND "1884

Nb: This blog will stay silencious for a while. Don't know how long. But I will be back on it... sure ! I will have so much to say ...

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