mercredi 6 février 2013

living with wolves

Sharing their incredible experience with the wolves of The Sawtooth Pack, Jamie and Jim Dutcher have enchanted audiences across America and in Europe. Combining projected images and film, they tell of their six years living in a tented camp at the edge of Idaho’s Sawtooth Wilderness, observing the wolves and gaining their trust. Each appearance is tailored to the audience, from families with young children to sophisticated explorers to savvy prep school students. An introductory talk is followed by questions and an opportunity to meet the Dutchers, an encounter that invariably leaves listeners eager to help protect wild wolves.
“When we finished our last wolf film,” says Jim, “we thought about making another film, about focusing on some other animal, but our hearts kept returning to the wolf. There are so few people sharing positive stories about these intelligent and misunderstood animals, and so much inflammatory and incorrect information being spread, that we felt obligated to tell others what we knew to be true.” “Wolves are where our hearts are,” says Jamie. “They need us now, especially when so many people don’t understand why the world needs wolves. If Americans can give their hearts to elephants and whales, they need to hear the story of wolves, our nation’s own incorrectly demonized animal, wrongly being killed and mismanaged in our own country, before we can truly understand the depth of their caring and their intelligence.”