dimanche 9 décembre 2012

Crazy ?

I have difficulties to understand why a so simple situation seems so complicated to fix.
A global solution was, and still is, available. (But the more we wait, the more the damages will take time to recover).

Let’s say it simple:
There are two categories of people: 
The dominant and the dominated. Or The peoples and the Controllers.
An intermediary:
The politician and affiliated.
A leverage:
An algorithm to settle the whole thing
Consumption (In its modern definition).and Banking.
A propaganda tool:
Television and similar.

So what is the chain ?
People > Tv > Consumption and bank (your money goes in consumption or in the bank) > Money goes through the financial network to the top: major corporations > power to control everything > control of the Television and associated > Trust in the system  > people > start of the loop.

How many of us distrusts the system, but still uses both channels (consumption and bank) of money's dragging?

Change that, and their control will collapse.

A proof?

Though it is theoretical, just imagine that EVERYONE who has some money in the bank system take it back for ONE day, Losses in the stock market will be immense. Do it on a week and it is a financial cataclysm.
And they know it. Have a look ! Everywhere is violent repression, pressure on the people, poverty as a domination tool.

But it is no question to push our world into chaos.
Let’s change our bank system > Solidary and ethical and local banking : money do not circulate from bottom to top, but horizontally.
Let’s change our way to consume > Local, ethic, solidary. Give the power back to our local farmer, small factory. (Why the F ck should I need a table made in china, or Suede? My neighbor the carpenter can do it as well) .

Well…. I said it, I make it simple …