vendredi 19 septembre 2008


- I was already here since so for a long time.
For a so long time that the memory of the beginning is almost vain...

- I walk unlimitedly and still along the emptiness

- And every step becomes henceforth another abstract life.

- As if, in the middle of a desert, I opened a door which closes nothing, always there.

- And that for a long time, hidden behind, a hardly tangible vision,
that I would so much have wanted real.

- But the images pass... Nothing. I walk and already the memory becomes blurred,
curls up in its forgetting.

- As to free the place for another one, ruins invented by some idle or imaginary god.

- But how not to believe, it would be only for a moment, that it exists, that it is true.
… I do not know any more.

- I do not want to know any more, just to walk, the sand. Silence.

- I was already here since so for a long time…

Drowing: Jeffe

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