mercredi 15 octobre 2008

DaRcK CiTies

As my eyes go by the rustle of the pain
To hear the sound which echoes in vain
Along ways of disparate losers.
See the end of a winding roster
Approaching to a slander’s edge.
Here, in the bottom of a disaster increased,
No one dares to blow the candle twisted Thousand miles above land’s ruins.
“Harra !” They said to the bitches army
Who invaded self corridors of megalithic brainers.
“Don’t sleep ! Coz it’s time to die !”
And the android of last generation free
The white bird from his buried hands.
And the dove from his buried hands
Now flies to the clouds of dark.
For a moment, all clocks silenced
Have stop the time, as the little men In black coats dressed organize
At the opposite of yesterday reality
To a new tomorrow insanity.

Only the regular tight
Allow a wish of survival.
So every single crouching glass
Reveals the bitter sun to its high level.
As my eyes go passing by,
Through the dark cities

A new black night arise.

as day dream...

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