dimanche 21 décembre 2008


In the large corridor
I hear vociferating voices.
Their decadent rules
Looking at me,
They start to sing…

“you may change !
Coz you’re not like us
You must change !
Coz you’re too dangerous
You gonna change !
To be one of us…”

Nooooooooooooo !
I don’t want to bend
To your sacrificial line
Be one of you a slave
Is not my plan.
As your ephemeral style
Smell rotted and the rain
That falls from the tears
Of your lonely kids
Rust forever
The iron of your heart.
I start to sing

“No I won’t change!
Coz my difference is me
No I can’t change!
Coz I could die of it
I will not change !
But I will surely be”

From pain to pain,
From tears to tears,
I built a kingdom,
From every wound
I rooted out each
Drops of dream,
A spiritual silver
That turns
to vaporous gold
as one sun
came to shine on me.
And that realm will never surrender.
So a voice starts to sing

“Don’t change !
Just be different
Don’t change
But increase your talent
Don’t change
But leave useless torments”

It is 4:39 AM
Sitting outside
I looks to the sky.
The stars according to me
I don’t need other agreement.

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