mercredi 24 décembre 2008

Where Is The Wild World ?

Anger is by nature designed for waging war with the demons and for struggling with every kind of sinful pleasure. Therefore angels, arousing spiritual pleasure in us and giving us to taste its blessedness, incline us to direct our anger against the demons. But the demons, enticing us towards worldly lusts, make us use anger to fight with men, which is against nature, so that the mind, thus stupefied and darkened, should become a traitor to virtues. - Abba Evagrius the Monk

Glittering women being agglutinated
To their red lipstick toys
Before to make
A first step outside.
And they fascinate
Of their silver eyeliners
For a fake troubling glance
To the next sex partner.

To the men rushing
Their social performances
But finally excelling
In home absence.
And in the solitude
Of a light marriage
They make love prelude
Thinking of their next car's voltage.

Man and woman together ending
In a couple of kids
Gratifying years of diners
At the parent’s house.
And the kids to grow up
At the nipples of the TV screen
Sucking their milk
Of alienating Paris H puppet.

Where is the wild world?
Where is the wild world?

Both dogs and cats
Shaking their tails
For a tin of aliments
Made of brothers and sons.
Cultivated in nice plastic box
The race of the animals
Finally find their use
In the women’s fur coats.

“Where do the milk comes from?”
“From the supermarket!”
Answer in all together
The kids of the school.
And the forest to die
To give a chance to those kids
To still use a car
For a race shopping milk.

Where is the wild world?
Where is the wild world?

And the marketplaces,
Wall Street and CAC40,
Self erected as the only God
Organize collective payers
At the Fox News’ hour,
Between the desert and a belch
Just before Saturday night porn
For masses’ satisfaction.

Finally all emotional surplus
End in a TV’s war
Pictures of green glowing
For a night strike’s award.
And as millions of innocents die
Under GI’s rockets,
Hollywood the saint
Repent at the box presets

Where is the wild world?
Where is the wild world?

In a way or another,
We are all some kind of whore
Crucifying human's dignity
At the castle
Of our own self-satisfaction.
By the way I said “we”
But I really don’t feel concern.

What’s about you ?...

Where is the wild world?
Where is the wild world?
Lost in the path
Of all illusions…

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