samedi 27 décembre 2008

No Title

Note: I received 2 days ago an email from a friend of mine who didn't made a sign since two years.
Now she regrets the time we were best friends...

She was away on a far island, and the only news I got from her was some collective emails where nothing was said.
Then she came back in France and for more than a year, I heard nothing about her. I did called her once, asking to meet, but nothing.
So I said to myself: "let it go ! It was maybe time for stopping this relationship..."
and then, her email, where she try to rebuild this relationship.
I am maybe hard-hearted, but this sounds like she come to me because in need for some help.
I did help her, as she helped me, for the time we were friends. But today, I am disappointed by her behavior.
Ignoring me when time was sweet, and remembering me when time become harder...
So I answered...

Who can say what life is about, what it holds.

Life goes on. Up to us to fill what will go in the beneficial direction.
Silence does not inconvenience me.
Where silence is that there is nothing to say, maybe ...
But I live in the same place, even if much has changed, and well.
I think when you left to your island, it marked the end of a cycle.
Beautiful things have happened to me since, and continues today.
I think myself closer to my inner peace.
And it has influenced the course of events, more than surprising.

I will probably leave France for two months and may be more.
I am leaving for a far country.
Where is waiting for me a Princess. With her, I touch to perfection, she, me, us.
The winds of fate calls me and it is time that I follow.
You see, my friend, each of our tests is that the door which opens onto the next step of our awakening.
Facing closes the door, Understanding opens.
Understand what?
The answer of the hardship is one piece of a great puzzle.
The test itself is nothing. But it is part of a whole.
And I can tell you this: if you understand the place of the test in the chain of enlightenment, while all around you get lighted..
If nothing clears, it is likely that you do not yet capture the essence of this test.
I give you a key: the fifth chakra - The true word - opens doors.

The path to enlightenment is not to fight to get there, but to accept the teaching of suffering.
And to receive such education require our soul to get bared. Of everything.
So everything we are given.

"I fell very down, the confines of my nil. And when I did was nothing, a princess came, took me by hand and offered me everything ..."

So, dear friend, do not worry if life changes your plan, sail and what you deserve you will get.

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