lundi 22 décembre 2008

The Realm Of The Abyss


What sadly moved me the most, went to be the day I understood, every one of us contain a Golden Part. But when looking to our now world, I notice that nothing drives us, to get conscious of that. Nor to get a single start, of sufferance’s meaning.
And humanity to spill, in a lake of complains, creating the Evil, to explain the misfortune they lay in. So being separated, the Good and the Bad becomes antagonist forces that battle the human heart.
Then let’s look at what pornography is.
Is two bodies having sexual relations, whatever the practice, mean pornography? Where do stand the limit between the spice and the perversion? Isn’t it in the way we live it? Make it? Dream it? So pornography does exist only in eyes of a porn consumer… Pornography is just a sample of the emotional drift of men’s behaviors.
But many others can reveal the same.
Putting forward an hypothesis: Good is the safe ground, and Bad the abyss. By knowing well were stand the Evil, we know the limit between both. But Good and Bad are two parts of one life. So avoiding the Abyss shall be as to cut life by two. And what to do with an Abyss?
To fall in or fly above.
And to learn how to fly above, we must know what the Abyss is made of, so fall in…

… and come back.

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