lundi 22 décembre 2008

When DarShi Cries

From the crushed dusts of ancient defences,
Where old times have seen glories of hope
Falling in the vanity’s pyres
For a pocketful of perverted games,
I have started rains of rages,
Dropping from angry heavens,
To wash by floods of ages
The increasing rustles

From men’s invocating chants
Of falsified faith to a God
That never have existed,
Elsewhere than in human’s pride,
I have started a ceremonial
Earth trembling to collapse
At the ground of humbleness
The faked vision of Gold.

From all rotted behaviors
Collected at the mankind’s feet,
The humanity’s tree
Wearing henceforth solely
Pornoïd brown leathes,
I have started one world aridity
In the erratic emotions of a crowd
In the coward chickens’ yard.

From all qualities inherited,
Men have built a city of lewdness,
Where males erect
As females are asked to suck,
So I started a great swindle,
To confuse senses
in a baroque whorehouse
Where lust the only glow.

I am DharShi
God of the deliverance
Keeper of the white level
And I failed to protect
Paradise from barbarians
So I started a great screaming
From my own throat raised
And melted an ocean of tears

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