mardi 23 décembre 2008


I want walk the land of banned dreams
To lay my skin at the edge of the day
And throw my flesh at the light’ speed
Across the bitter air of an ancient cave
To lay at the road of a nowhere destination
naked as the first breath of a new born
Waiting here till a wheel fuse the soul-crack.

I want to rock the lane of white emotions
Bordered of phallus-trees erected up
to the sky of an eternal fuck.
Lay my skin to the water of a “in between”
Warmed at the sun of its entrancing trigger
To poor out the source of an ephemeral water
Sleeping for more than too long in the past

I want to fly the green domain of the purple thoughts
Overcome the weight of the weird color from some past youth
That densify so the air of a bedroom morning
That the orchids turn their silky petals
To the darker horizon of nightmare’s territories
To lay my vitality for a rest on a wooden bridge
Where the dancer appears through the thick fog.

I want to stop at this bridge of smoky whispers
And watch for hours of endless volutes
One voluptuous dancer hypnotizing my eyes
Nailing my memory to forget even my heartbeat
To interrupt Ad Vitam Eternam the fall of the seasons
On that magical thread that links the two shores
Of one attractive evanescent air-sculptress.

And finally, at the shadow of Neptune
I will cross to the end the sheltering bridge
At the border line of my grounded mind
Cover that glowing shade from my sweat
Light fully the cosmic align
In the ‘in between” plunge a rain of golden stars
And fuck immensely the galaxies of her eyes

I wanna walk the land of banned hopes
To lay my skin at the edge of the night
And throw my flesh as a T-ray of sun
Across the sweet air of a magic next
To lay at the road of one only destination
naked as the first breath of a new smile
And to nestle in the arm of the land’s Goddess.

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