dimanche 28 décembre 2008

Pain Of The Burning Land

The horizon of black being at the death’s door
Scratchs my pain on the Gaza’s pavements…
Today I cry for the brothers killing their brothers.
No one is innocent but no one deserve to die
Under a rain of anger that blow off
My hopeful dreams of a wise humanity.
Today I cry on children that look out the window
Seeing, screaming, for a mother that flows
From the blood of a shamed expectation,
To dream of a peacefulness freedom,
A license to breath under a blue sky

Today I cry coz my earth is bleeding
Of million wonderful scarified,
A street to wear the footsteps
Of the sacrificed anonymous, guilty
To be not living on the good bank
Of this river of hate
That floods human history.

Today I cry on the body of a teenage school girl
Tackled at the dark fate
Of misery’s promises…

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