lundi 29 décembre 2008

I took a step outside
The land was flat and covered
By a strange white glow.
From far, I saw a yellow veil
Floating in the brushing wind.

I approached.
And met a young woman
Of smooth gilded clothes

Daughter of heaven and earth
She was there, holding a planet,
A blue one with clouds around.

“Dear yellow nymph, is that a real planet,
That in your hands floats softly?”

“Dear odd, it is a real planet I am holding yet.
And I have in charge to keep the memories
Of the living there. But all those memories are quite sad…”

She had these strange face expression
Of someone wondering a dream but not knowing which.

“Dear veiled lady, is that the reason
Your smile seems to be gone?”

“Dear questioner, the last time I have smiled,
There was only two livings on this planet,
And their thoughts were crystal clear to my ear.
But today they did grow in number to a multitude.
Their memories sound so weird and perturbed,
That I feel with the despair of being able
To engender there the slightest sun.”

Wondering how I could dry the fairy’s tears,
I plunged a hand in the bag on my side
And pulled out a pocket of old fashion papers.

“Dear enigmatic, with a pen and those old paper,
Why don’t you write down such memories
In a whole story of strange and unusual words.
Linking so together each plot to the bank of your river…?”

She turned on me her glance of clear water,
And I saw a flame in the hollow of those eyes…

“Dear wonderer, I take your advice for good wisdom
And I will write this book of thousand and one whispers.
The tales of those human’s flaws turned into a flaming cathedral.
And in this temple of all perversions and straying
I will light a dream for all memories the golden one finding”

And she sat and wrote.
One page a day and so after a thousand days and one,
There was a thousand pages and one
And she called her book “Aphorism of the desire”
Where each page was described one fail and one shelter.
The ending word being written down,
She turned her head once again to me.

“Dear patient man, haven’t we met before?”

“Dear sublime, we did met a thousand time and one…”

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