mardi 16 décembre 2008

One life's corridor

Where are they, where are we ?
A woman crossing the empty space
Of a life time targeted to find her…
Where I stood were hollowed silhouettes
Taking the helm of one corridor.
A woman that bares magnets of unspeakable,
The ruins of ancient believes
Unable for life discrimination.
But from this seems like a devastated land
The seed of a new rainbow,
Wearing child at its teeth,
As a tiger mother that finally
Comes to the caring hand.
What kind of promises
Can I make to her
That will water the seed ?
Watering but not flooding
A land for so much long
Irrigated of acid thoughts.
How to destroy the fascination
Of a false older vision.
The woman that saves my life
Through me wish to see
The forwarding footsteps.
How to be crystal clear
To let appear that horizon
Without putting in
My on seasons ?
A woman, crossing my corridor,
Took a turn,
And walked with me…
To what one man have called

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