mardi 16 décembre 2008


In my dream, I have thought I could bring you the golden meaning.
In my dream I have thought I could say words that gonna light for you
The secrets I have seen.
In my dream of little man I have thought I could be strong enough to carry mountains and rivers to your feet.
In my thought, I have dreamt I could hold for you the fire ball of the Truth without burning my hands.
In my dream, I did hope I could never fail to always bring you the best.
In my secret faith, I prayed I could be as soon as possible the perfect that you deserve.
In my will, I wished to have the wisdom to always find the Words, those with golden meaning, those which don’t speak to the brain but to the heart, those once said, reveal the whole meaning without demonstrations, those which Say, no talk.
In my smallness, I dreamt I could be that great man I wish I could offer.

Where are my golden words?
I feel muted of my meaning.
Where is this crystal road ?
That always drive me to the correct stream.

In my dream, I was perfect.
In my day, I am just a man…


the fifth chakra


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