mercredi 17 décembre 2008

The Misunderstanding.

I try to say “Truth” and she hears “liar”
I try to explain but she doesn’t hear anymore.

I try to explain better but she had decided…

Through our words pours two meaning.
One is the expression of our conscious, what we deliberately want to say.
And one, avoided to the most of the people, is the voice of our subconscious.
Psychoanalyst use this second level of words to reveal the subconscious of his patient.
A harmless sentence can reveal much more that a book.

And this is concerning the fifth chakra. VISHUDDHA. The communication.

One important step in our spiritual awaking is to use this channel, the subconscious saying, to come back in our memorized past, identify what is a weight for us, and reveal it. This is our road to our inner peace. No more hided memory that rotes our conscious. What we call trauma stand there, in our subconscious, making us to have nightmare, making us our fears.
Be able to say consciously what our subconscious says through our words is what I call – and not only me – the True Speaking.
And so, by learning how to let our conscious access to our subconscious, we come to a superior level of communication.
By “golden” Hearing.
By “golden” Saying.

Here I am, with my words echoing for nothing, with my empty meaning. My chakra must be closed so I don’t find the Words. We are talking as deaf. I say but she hears somebody else. Who is talking to you that you suddenly don’t hear me anymore? Here I am. The talk is over. We say politely goodnight. Switch off. My head is full of “what do I have made wrong that we came there?”

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