dimanche 14 décembre 2008


Saturday night - 2:00 AM

I awake suddenly. A sound did took me off my sleep. Vini, my dog, is trying to vomit. It is so violent that I get up directly, knowing that something is not normal.
Down stair, I see her moving everywhere. She is abnormally agitated.
No doubt. This is the first symptom of a stomach twisting.
In one or two hours, she gonna be dead.

Saturday night - 2:15 AM

Immediately, I give her some sodium bicarbonate.
I don’t know it, but I save her life there.
But I don’t know it.
Some belly massage to relax her anxiety. No way. I call the veterinary in charge.
“Come quickly !”

Saturday night - 2:30 AM

I drive my broken car I normally don’t use anymore. No choice.
The doc is there, waiting for me.
Vivi on the table. I get the diagnostic fast. It was one stomach twisting but the bicarbonate did act efficiently.

Saturday night – 2:55 AM

Phew ! No damage ! Vini get more quiet. She sniff out anywhere, and very interested by the caged birds ! She’s back to normal.
This fucking sickness makes the dog die with horrible pains. I’ve seen her mother dying from it. Never again !

Saturday night – 3:15 AM

We are back home. Vini sleeps directly. The injection makes her KO.
So I can have my first early morning coffee….

Thanks God !

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