samedi 6 juin 2009

Miles away...

She was Guanshi'yin,
Mercy in one hand
The other one
To hold her grace.
Most of the time smiling
To the rise of the day,
Or just murmuring at night
Voluptuous secrets
and hypnotizing tunes,
in the white haze of cold.
And numerous have been those
Who’ve been attracted
At the source of her boredom.
And many of them died
Under her merciful hand.

She was Guanshi'yin,
Goddess in a lonely garden,
Populated by ancient nightmares
That she was gold painting
To makes them shiny
At the morning dawn.
Spreading them all around
in multicoloured expectations.
And numerous have been those
Who believed to her little tales.
And many of them died,
Waiting for an impossible end.

She was Guanshi'yin,
And the immoderation
Of her madness made
The domain of the sky
To rise until the earth
And extend the glory
To all yokels.
And from the gall
They called so,
Burst out the final meaning,
The enlighten spirit.

She was Guanshi'yin,
And nobody seemed
to understand her way.
But at the edge of her madness,
She found all the answers
That all mortals
Refused to give.
She known then that nobody could better
Appreciate his ether grace that
The simple beggar
To whom heavens offer a shelter.

Gods’ language has no meaning
For the common mankind’s race

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