mercredi 3 juin 2009

The death angel that dress up of white

And once again, shadows hang around…
Don’t you see their figures of nightmare?
Coz I do. Clearly.
And once again, what seems is not what is.
Truth is lost in the labyrinth of distorted appearances.
Words don’t say anything anymore
At the edge of the love’s crash.
Evil entered my brain as you let him
Flood in your veins.
Chemistry, when unbalanced,
Leads to madness, where artificial realities
Give better results than the clear water.
Satan always dress up in white
And murmur to our ears
Songs of sweet, promises of warmth.
Don’t you know the consequences?
Coz I do. Clearly.
I have seen him one day.
I’ve see his real face, hidden behind
The stand of the innocence.
And I’ve made him angry at me,
To reveal his ugly smile, his crimson haze,
His teeth for poisoned bites.
And today, I can clearly identify
His putrid breath and the scent of Sulphur
That pours out of his nostrils.
Can’t you smell it ?
Coz I do. Clearly.
The worst is that once in you,
He will make you say
“Everything is alright, everything is normal”
But I know when words are saying with two meaning.
One being the appearance of peace.
And one is the tortured truth.
God and Mephistopheles got the same song,
But with opposite purpose.
One is to free yourself from the chain of life.
One is to corrupt your heart.
Don't you feel the weight of the yoke?
Coz I do. Clearly.

Evil is a concept with a true reality in our life.
But no question to see him as a “death angel” or a “horny beast”.
Deregulation in the energy drive the chain of events (butterfly’s effect) to a chaotic turn.
And this deregulation most of the time, come from lies we do made for self-arrangements with the reality, instead of correcting what’s wrong in our life.
Lie is not only concept. It is an element we do introduce in the chain of events that have real impact on all what is to come.
The concept of “lie” is much larger than the simple untruth.
It also include what we hide, what we don’t say, what we don’t do that must be done.
An example to understand:
I am very lazy with all what concern the administration paper, being always late to answer to their nonstop request.
That brings me a lot of troubles with it.
But that’s not all.
It give me a feeling of culpability that do influence my whole behaviour. Bringing troubles in all my relationship with others. Making my mind more unstable and my brain to be deregulated in its chemistry.

The impact on my energy have impact on the energy surrounding me, and so, I engage myself in a deregulated chain of events.
What’s about lies in between lovers, in between parents and children, etc...?
All lies of any kind drive irremediably to a deregulation...
And so open the Evil’s path.

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