dimanche 7 juin 2009


“Love is not to be tested! Love is to be…”
I was sitting in front of him. My master, my teacher, my guide.
And I received his words as a slap in the face.
“Love is not to be tested..?”
Said I with the voice of someone suddenly lost in an ocean of questions…
“But my love has been tested so many times..! How would it have been possible it was not? I was thinking that each test is to make me to grow up. And in a way, it has been. Each difficulty my love did cross, I learnt from it. Each time my love has been in danger, I did fight to preserve it. Each time my love seemed to fade away, I dug the ground to find some water for it. Each time the sky above was weighted with clouds of doubt, I climbed the highest mountain to be see clearer in it… I learnt all of this since my love got tested… How would it have been different?”
My master did look at me with a kind of smile. I saw in his eyes a flame of roguishness that surprised me a lot. Was he mocking at me?
“Little naïve man, you kissed one day the tip of love’s shoe, and you think love is yours forever?
“Love is not to be tested”… Love is to be” doesn't answer to this question:
“Must a love be tested?”
“Is a tested love The Real Love? The Eternal Love? The Universal Love?”
Let me ask you a question, Little Buddha:
Are you looking for a love, or for The Love?”
“Little Buddha…?” Definitely, my master was mocking at me!
“My Master, I think I am locking for The Love. But it is hard! It is even painful, sometimes…”
So the wise man looked at me, right in the eyes, with this sharp glance I know he have when he’s about to hurl some heavy stuff…
“Little nothing, so you own only love.
But do not fall in a depressing well, because if love is not The Love. The Love is all little loves.
If you love not the wheat’s fields, how could you love bred?
If you love not rats, how could you love your dog?
If you hate your neighbor, how could you love your wife?
If you do not Love your wife, how could you Love the universe?
If you can’t Love the universe, so forget about God!

Without The Love,
Faith is nothing…
Philosophy is nothing…
Knowledge is nothing…
Mercy is useless…
The prayers are only noise…
Men are just a gang of lost souls…

Without The Love, love is just some shouting stars crossing your sky for a second…
When your love is tested, it is not love being tested there. It is you.
The Love is made of Eternal material.
Are you made of Eternal material, little star dust?”
I was to answer, but my guide stopped me with his hand
“Let me answer for you.
YES, YOU ARE !!! Little double stupid man.
Yes, you are of Eternal material. But you crap on it regularly.
So then comes a test. But you are the one who’s tested. Not your love.
You are the one who messed up your Eternal material.
And when you climb up the mountain, it's you who get cleaned, not your love. Because love is part of The love, and so made in Eternal material too. So it can’t be dirty. Only the eyes of your heart can be…
So, each time you feel you love is tested, say to yourself: “My eyes are full of dirt, I must clean myself, clean my soul. I have been imprudent and did let my eyes to be obscured. I have been not vigilant so my vision filled with false and illusions.”
And DON’T wait from your love to be the one that is going to clean you up, coz you are the one you did dirty yourself, and so drove your love to be troubled…

So it is, little miserable holy !”

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