dimanche 7 juin 2009


Words are our precious.
They draw lines between us. They build bridges between the consciousnesses.
They are the path of our understanding of the others.

And so,
Words are sacred.

The strength of the bridge that links each of us to each other depends on our words, on the meaning we give to them. If we use false words, wrong words, unsuitable words, so the bridge is fragile, and near to fall down.
Our words are the light that will give clarity or obscurity to what we say. But they give also how deep and true is our consciousness.
Saying words of nothing, worthless words, common words, we build the bridge likewise.
When you speak to me, I can feel the weight of your sincerity, or not… Words have a color, a secret color. And I can feel when they are grey, or colorful.

But one thing is for sure. If you say grey words, as it can hurt those who love you, it puts grey on your own consciousness. Coz everybody is a mirror that reflects the light of the one who speaks to him…

Thus is the dimension of our consciousness.

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