mercredi 10 décembre 2008

Sodomy of a childhood

I am a boy…
A young boy of 10 years old.
And as any little boy
I am in a holyday camp.
I don’t like so much to be away
But after a while
My fear disappears.
And the director of the camp
Is kind.
Kind with me.
I like me very much.
So much than one night,
He decided to fuck me.
Now, as an adult
I would say he sodomized me.
As I was asleep
He entered the dormitory
Silently he uncovered me
And did put his phallus
In my child’s ass.

Disgusting, you would say ?
Yes indeed, it is.
Using his authority to mute me
Using the trust I had in adults
To abuse me.
I was not really
Realizing what was going on.
Just a pain in my ass…
C'est normal !

He’ve been in jail for that.
I guess he was needing
some psychiatric help too…
In my misfortune
I’ve been lucky…
No sequels invaded
My night with nightmares.
But how is it
For those million child
Raped everyday
Every night,
By perverse adults
Who must have ask themselves
“is it normal to want to fuck a child ?”
And go directly to ask for some help.

Instead of that,
They calculate
How to approach their prey
By the safer angle
And around midnight
Comes silently
To break childhood’s

I was ten years old
And fourty years after, I remember.

To all children been raped…

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