lundi 8 décembre 2008

Schizophrenic City

Long throng of slaved numbs
Rushing as million ants
To the smallest office
Of junk legal activities,
But at night,
As rings the bell
Of addicting spare times,
Wearing the mask
Of self-vomiting,
The human race
Rushes its boredom
In the violent spotlights
Of night clubbing atrocities.
Sequenced by WE’s outride
Where to drink
Is the first rule
And fast fucking
The second.
Natural process
That leads sterilized society
To self implosion.
In the schizophrenic city,
People live their life
By fragments,
Letting adrenalin’s injection
Fix the link
Between all parts
Of a dismembered existence.
And summing the waves
Of all those wrecking souls
To one social body
Give a face
At the paranoid God.

Who lives in silence anymore ?
Who trust the wind more than commercials ?
Who do one thing a day
And meditate on it the day after ?
Who reads rooted philosophies
Instead of pornographic fast food’s menus?

In the schizophrenic city
The wise man hide himself.
Too much unbalanced energies
Are hanging him around.
And if panic is collective disease,
To health it must be individual.
So the wise man shall
Walk the pavement
To every whore of them,
Crucify their pride
To the salvation altar.

Disproportionate start-up
so much every second fills
with new drug-addicts,
full of cocaine and crack,
who believe that broadway is
paradise on earth...

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Jeffovie a dit…

schizophenia is known as a mental disease,
But in fact it is more a reaction type to particular evironment.
By controling our environment, as individual, or as society, we can easily prevent mental diseases, in the larger meaning.
Headache can be concider sometimes as a brief mental disease, mixing emotional state and brain chimical process.
and to control our personal environment,knowing ourselve in the less subtle part seems to be necessary, that leads to know each others.
coz oftenly, others are responsable of our mental diseases, by bringing to us situations that doesn't belongs to our personal destiny.