mercredi 10 décembre 2008

Fragment of flames

In the dull damn secret
I lay down in psychic numb
Waiting for to go further
At the cross way of instigated wrecks
And a cup of honeymoon suckers.

Why? Why? Why? I don’t know….

Reversal emotionally perversed.
The subsequent condition
Of a situation’s trick
Is to open the door
And plant in the yard
The grain of violence
To let grow outside
Trees of x-porn mentality.
Let my libido be the super-nova
I deserve for years of abstinence.

A couple of creek-berries
Sings their song to
A punky crows’ army
That applauses every
“fuck off”
of the lyrics.
Let me prefer a glass
Of papaya’s juice
vanilla’s powder
the milky cream
of a final sweetness.

Here we are,
stop by this river,
watching the boats go by
to flow to the sea
hundred of
Funeral wreathes
In memory
Of Benjamin Britten.
Ten minutes one note
Skidding in virtual
To an ultimate
Ending bell.

Hey, bull shit Marcel !
You the fucker !
Do you know
the quite difference
between a nail
and a lie ?
No difference !
Both used to
Hammer in
Young virgins
To the tree
Of sex ritual defeat.

In my ocean of no words
I lay to the surface
My voice resounds inside
Of the Gregorian female singing,
One “Canticles of Ecstasy”
When Hildegard von Bingen
from the bottom
Of the XII° century
Traced the way
Of an glory highway
For human ears.

Step out
Fucking Fernand !
No place here for
Slinky sacrifices,
Rotted devotions
And cheap apologizes.
Rest in peace
At your stair,
And don’t come asking
For God to fix
Your faucets which run away
and your heating system
which spits flames.

God got better to do
By sheltering
Billion of innocent,
Children of any ages,
Of any colors,
Of any sex,
From sick vomiting men
That do mistake
The meaning
Of heritage.
Ask bonobo’s opinion
About sex, drug,
And rock’roll !

Finally in departure
For a far landing
I lay down
My sofa,
Too scared to walk
The here urban jungle.
Let me go in the primal
Forest and fuck with my wife
According to natural
And hanging at
The giant trees
We will watch your world
Rising down the ages….

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