mardi 9 décembre 2008


A violent electric shock cross briefly my chest…
My left side, just beside the heart,
receive a 100.000 volts assault
and all my nerves are irradiated by this.
I decide to slow down the time
and live it in slow-motion…
The electricity rushing from cell to cell

To my brain.
The information is about to penetrate
My brain by flooding the nerves' extremity with electric overloads.
Chemical process will liberate the neurotransmitter

And the pain will explode in my skull…
This is the normal rule of pained sensation.

Shunt the flux… Is that possible?
Make this information not to activate
the alarms of the brain,

propelling the chained reactions of the pain....
I refuse…
I do ask my neurons to not liberate
The neurotransmitters….
No transmitters, no pain…
I fail…
The pain smashes the bottom of my brain,
A white veil suddenly cover my vision,
I fall on my knee, defeated.

But here is the challenge….
I know the process,
I know were to act,
I need to find out how.

I lay on a blench,

My head lost in the clouds,
I read their drawing
As an unknown book
Of medicine’s secrets.
The sky as an universal encyclopedia
I wonder the answer…
My neurons are controllable…
I must find out how…
Pain is an initiatory collapsing…


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