jeudi 11 décembre 2008


At the evening dawn
When shades start
To swallow light,
When every familiar
Subject becomes
A weird entertainment,
I feel depressed.
My energy comes down
And my skin shivers
Of cold breathes.

I wonder for a help
I beg for a light.
I hope a star
To shine my heart.

For years I did waited
That star to overcome
My evening darkness.
For years I have looked
By the window
One trace of
A sudden appearing…

But no one came,
Just street lights
Which falsifies the way.

Here I stand
At a window’s corner,
As a voice enters
My inner ear
And say:
“The star you’re waiting for
Sat since always
At the place
You think
It is.
See it far
And it will be so.
Wish it in your heart
And it will reveal
Itself as a morning
Glow …”

So I wish…
Wish my star is in me,
Wish a light drives me,
Wish I am no more
But be.
And I feel inside
The heat of a brand new birth.
The light of a brand new star,
Filling my shadowed stands
Of hour’s waits.
Now the star is in me,

Now the star is me…

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