vendredi 15 mai 2009


In the Chinese medicine, it is usual to pay your doc when you are healthy and do not when you get sick.
“If I am sick, you didn’t enough care of myself as I pay you for !”

Here is the key: do not cure, prevent!

As we know, sickness is a combination between the state of your energy and what is hanging around.
Our surrounding situation – physical, mental or energetic – have great influence on the way our brain manages its chemistry, and so influence our body.
And the best way to prevent us from sickness is not to take pills but to be conscientious of what surround us and adapt our life’s behavior to it.

Too much pressure, stress?
Find yourself back by isolating yourself in a place and a moment of peace and quietness.
Breathe deep and calm.
Recover your personal integrity.
Make it as a healthy life, a lifestyle, a discipline.
Make it every day, and do not wait to be bad, it will be too late.

Be your own Chinese doc and work on your well being every day, not when you get sick.

Have some few physical activity, mental activity, creative activity.
Help others, yes. But start to help yourself.
How can you help if your not able to take good care of yourself ?

The best way to help someone is to make him to be in contact with your healthy energy.
What happen when you try to help with a sick energy?
You take his good energy and give your bad one. Is that the result expected ? No, for sure. But the result is this one.

Take good care of your own energy, and you will take good care of the whole planet.

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