vendredi 15 mai 2009


“Bad… Bad pain in my brain… I can’t sleep… for weeks… I need to sleep…
I’ll take this red pill and…”

“My God, what happen to me, I feel numb, My head is to explode… Help me, I need help !!!”

The structure of the brain is a chemical/electric system. Of a big complexity and a big fragility.
A mere nothing can introduce grave disorders there.
If the electric side is mainly stimulated by the nerves, the chemical one is depending on a more complex system of glands.
This chemistry regulate all our life, anger and joy, happiness or sadness, good fate or uncontrollable unlucky destiny depend nearly only on it.


Introducing alien chemical molecules in your body that will affect the balance of your brain’s chemistry equals sometimes to play Russian roulette with your future brain’s life.
If this brain’s chemistry was well known and under control by Neuro-psychiatrist and co, it will be a long time ago madness have disappeared from human world !
It’s unfortunately not the case.
And even more, the situation is getting worst.
Our world, I mean this modern society generates so much unbalanced situations, so much stress on the population that the brain is not able anymore to self-balance and the human’s psy get affected in bad.
So the advent of the anti-psychotics’ age.

Even if some metabolic disorders had previously been identified among patients with schizophrenia, it is with the birth of anti-psychotics starting in the 1950s that those disorders became more evident. Among conventional anti-psychotics, the group of phenothiazines is more particularly at the origin of glucose deregulation and weight gain. As regards atypical anti-psychotics the risks of diabetes, dyslipidemia and obesity seem to be more important and, apparently, they could be the cause of clozapine and olanzapine, with risperidone in an intermediate position; whereas amisulpride and aripiprazole could have less metabolic adverse effects. The incidence of diabetes during treatment with atypical antipsychotic drugs varies from zero to 36% according to the molecule used and to the studies that have been published. Diabetes is detected on average four to five months after the start of treatment. The risk of developing diabetes is strongly increased when there is a personal or a family history of diabetes. Furthermore, dyslipidemia associated with atypical antipsychotic drugs is mainly hypertriglyceridemia. The overall weight increase during treatment can attain 40 % of the initial weight, and stabilises over a period ranging from three to 39 weeks. There is an inverse correlation between the initial body mass index and weight increase. In the majority of cases, interruption of the treatment leads to the disappearance of the metabolic disorder which reappears if the treatment is reintroduced. Generally, there is no correlation between dosage and the severity of the metabolic disorder. Systematic screening before treatment (fasting blood glucose, HbA1C, fasting blood lipid concentrations, weight, waist size and arterial pressure), clinical monitoring (weight every three months, annual waist size, arterial pressure after three months then annually) and biochemical monitoring (fasting blood glucose after three months then annually, fasting blood cholesterol and triglycerides after three months then every five years) are absolutely necessary. If there are initial risk factors, or an increase in weight or waist size, the monitoring rhythm should be increased. Those metabolic disorders, requiring dietary and exercise interventions, and even a switch of antipsychotic or adjuvant medication, lead to poor compliance. Despite those adverse effects, the return to conventional anti-psychotics prescription is not advisable since atypical anti-psychotics provide a better tolerability, less extra-pyramidal symptoms and less cognitive dysfunctions.

Just as an exemple of the power of such drugs.

What can be the effect of such drugs on a sane brain ?
My God ! a big disaster ! Only disaster.
And the consequences are as deep as multiple.
Even it can affect your weight, makes your hair to fall, your teeth to fall, your skin to get old faster, even, makes you getting old faster.
The brain’s chemistry controls everything in our life.

Playing with ?

That’s only stupid.
Just a stupid suicide.

jeffe Casten

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