samedi 10 janvier 2009


From deep fates of snakes’ sneaking
I sail the obscure night awaked
at the backyard of crucified veils.
Being crushed once more at the stake
In all ruins of my heart.
I watch the somber sun drawing itself
at its own watered blood.
And my hand to dig the tattoos
Engraved suddenly at my chest.
Tattoos of red anger
Bleeding tears liquid grief.

From deep fates of a truth
Suddenly reeling
Under the violent surge
I watch the devilish one
To seed a my feet
The poisoned blossoms.
Harvest of an eternal roaming
That drives this night
to a never ending chant.
The sun already forgot
To awake my senses.

I will die once again
At the assault of Satan.
And my glorious flag
To look like the less of the pale.
My eyes will close
On the infinite wait.
Clouds of darkness
Bring a rainstorm of hate.
And its wild fluttering rain
Will flood on me
As dawn on braves.

White night never have been so obscure….


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