jeudi 29 janvier 2009

When the angel waits ...

The most precious thing for a human being, woman or man, comes the day of the "no more possessing".
Thus naked at its soul, purified to have left behind ego and pride, the illusions and flaws, our being presents itself at the destiny and offers its soul to the only one that can end its own inner circle, The True Love.
True love is no possession, nor domination, nor addiction,
but the ultimate of the glorious ascent of high-self.

Here is the meaning of the wedding ring.
a circle, symbol of the self-accomplishment,
and a diamond, symbol of the other unique one in our own circle.

Most of us want the diamond at once, rather than to finish the circle before.

And so the lost angel stays alone for centuries, waiting for the One to come at the summit of its isolated peak. All pretenders screaming at the bottom, arguing wealth of common, promises of illusive perfection that just echo in the backyard of their poor domains.

But life, once every thousand times, accomplishes a miracle.
From far, another lost angel comes at its own peak’s summit and sees.
Sees the lonely heart, sees the wait that turns to despair, see the tears and the sorrow…
An angel has wings for only one reason… To fly, fly above the abyss, and achieve the will of the eternal…

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