lundi 2 février 2009

I am a signal.....

I am the wind in your mind
I am the question mark that shakes your tree.
I am the rain on your face.
I am the wanderer that questions you.
I am a prayer in your hand.
And a hope that never ends.
I am all signs surrounding you.
I am the shock between good and bad.
And the lightning in the sky.
I am the seven temptations
To light all ways.
I am your duality
I am the tears of joy,
The rain and the sun at once.
I am the apparent contradiction
But the real unification.
I am all your questions without answers
Because there is only answers without questions.
I am revealing your fragments.
I am the tool of their gathering.
I am there to split the false from the real.
I am a doubt in certitudes that brings
Certitudes to higher level.
I am here to show troubles
As a reason to rise.
I am the wanderer for your quest.
I am your faith
And the watcher of its flame.
I am a signal in the sky.
I am here to say
Better a mistake having done our best
Than a success done lazily.

I am the quest of perfection.
Swallow me…

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