vendredi 17 août 2012

Breakfast News

Hello girls

What good news this morning ?
Assange granted political asylum in Ecuador. Yes !

Well ! No need to develop further, is it not?
Why and how is certainly not your major concern ...

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Arsenal's mad, Van Persie goes to Manchester U!
Argggg! This is the end of the world!

But the question is: What Rooney going to be .... ???
Ha, he's going to Arsenal?

Just kidding! I don't know and I don't give a damn.

Well ... Next >

What else?
India will send missions to space! Yes !!!!
Maybe they want thus get rid of thousands of poor of their country by sending them massively in outer space ...?
Poor, but space racer ... !

Animals disappear! No worries girls!
Disneyland and the CIA have the solution:
The artificial animals with remote control!
Well, the idiots, they start with the most boring animal, the most damaging ... (after men !) The mosquito!

It's here : Clik

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The earth will soon become oxygen deficient!
Some pessimists expecting the worst case starts in 4 years ...
Bastards of pessimists, always looking for a reason to fuck up our breakfast !
The good news is that apparently, no one give a shit!
There are even some morons for a blanket denial, despite the proliferation of studies showing the impact of global warming on all the planetary balance ... !

Don't read this, just bullshit: > Clik

Photo manipulation by Jeffe Castan
Source photo : under Wikimedia Commons.
The last batch of sawnwood from the peat forest in Indragiri Hulu, Riau Province, Indonesia. Deforestation for oil palm plantation.
Feel free to use and diffuse. But DO NOT change the message !

Otherwise, not much else in the news ...
the massacres still on the move everywhere on the planet ...
The daily routine, just to say!

Ok girls, good breakfast!
I'm going to suicide myself with another coffee!

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