vendredi 16 octobre 2009

What “What the fuck Happiness means?” means?

( The pillow's rule)

No way!
Happiness is just an illusion.
A concept created by mankind to avoid its own fear of the empty space.
A concept based on nothing else that a blind vision of the universal balance.

Does the water of a river run on nothing?
I mean, with no soil, no river.

Light exists coz darkness is its opposite.

If you're questing for happiness, so dig unhappiness,
swallow it, tame it, and finally understand it.
Coz happiness doesn't exist.
Happiness is a consequence,
a result of your try to dominate your unhappiness.

But here it is.
Nobody builds of his own hand anymore.
We live in houses we don't build ourselves.
We just buy it.
So we try to buy happiness.
In supermarkets…
In relationship…
In love…

Let's speak a bit about the way we love.

"Will you make me happy?" asks the girl to her lover.
And the guy rushes to the jeweler and buy a diamond.
My Gosh!
Love in exchange for a piece of transparent stone!!!
I would understand if the guy goes himself in the deep of an African mountain,
extracts from there the stone, and after many adventures,
comes back to his love with the gift…
But the only danger most of men do afford
Is a bank account problem…

My opinion about all of this is…
We do shit on each other by letting this illusion to be.
Happiness will exist the day we'll be able to face our misery.
All our misery. In its entire dimension.
From the less to the worst.
From the early past to the closer present.

And to those who still think that putting a pillow on their head
Will hide them from unhappiness,
I will say this:
Have a lot of pillows!

To be continue...

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