vendredi 26 juin 2009

The Moon, the Sun and the Silence

At the edge of the day
I heard some noises.
It was some voices
Vociferating over the mountain.
I decided to walk there
To see by myself the reason
Of such a sudden trouble.
And what have been my surprise
When I saw the moon and the sun
Fighting for owning the silence.

"The silence is mine!"
Was saying the Sun.
"Only my heat can make
All being to settle it.
"The silence is mine!"
The Moon was answering.
"Only my presence can make
All being to sleep in it."
The battle was so intense
That days and nights
Have been running out,
So much that at the end,
One month have been wasted.

I decided to introduce myself
To this nonsense discussion.
"Miss Moon and mister Sun,
I am sitting here since a long while,
Listening to both arguments.
But through all your words
I haven't heard a single one
That pushed the truth to the light.
On the contrary,
Your quarrel have let the world
In a permanent disorder.
No more day.
No more night.
Everything alive
On this planet is dying.
And the scream covers the land
Of a sinister pandemonium.
Silence is no more
And nobody yet own it
Your quarrel have no more object."
And so I turned my back
And went back to my mountain.

Since this day
The sun and the moon
Try to not cross each other path.
But when it happens,
A great silence
Cover the land...

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