vendredi 16 janvier 2009

The Ring

A circle to complete the circle – a brief stop of time and space – my tears pouring down on my cheek – slid at my finger, it won’t be took back – a band of metal around my flesh shivering to say indelibly the pledge of a promise – It crossed ocean and sea to come at my door, knock down my heartbeat of sparkles and intoxication –
And this ring to my finger melted have the color of your purity and the comfort of a caress – A ring at my life, a symbol that sings all future morning of blessed awakening – write my name on yours, and I will wear yours proudly at my tattooed skin – Write Ovie on your ring and Tiezy on mine – those two names now, are unsessile – as long as white gold crosses through century – A ring to my finger have made me to cry on my blessing.

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