lundi 16 février 2009


“Give ! Give !”
Always have been
The only song
I ever sang.
To give of that part
Of my humanity
That is for sharing.
To give the few sight
I ever got inside
To light the distraught.
Even knowing
That it shall seem to show
Some arrogance,
Some over self confidence.
To give is a principle.
Principle of equilibrium.
Coz first I received so much!
But to give is an subtle art.
To give needs a receiver.
And both the Giver and the Receiver
First needs to share trust.
Trust in the intentions,
Trust in the selflessness
Of each Giver and Receiver.

And it had happened
That if my giving was for free
The receipt was for a purpose.
And it had happened
That my kindness
Have been used
For selfish benefit.
It had even happened
That some used my trust in them
To try manipulate or possess me.
And that makes me sad.

I am a Giver,
But I am not for sale.
I am a Giver,
But I stay free to chose
The one to who I give my heart.
And I already gave it to my wife.

I am the tears of the Giver.


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