dimanche 23 novembre 2008

Mystery Man Is ...

I am the mystery man,
My own wish
To be half revealed
unwanted observers…
Coz I know as well
The rapacious wanderer

I am the mystery man
That brings self reflection
To those
who want to know.
My mystery is as deep
as dim is the watcher.
Looking at me
Meaning self-exploring
Everyone’s own shadow.

Be one darker, and I will reflect the obscurity…
Be one angel, and
my wings move the clarity…

I am the mystery man
holding in his
More and more
Of the mankind’s behaviour,
One immaculate gown
That sin’s redemption
Have tainted with the same red blood
messiah sacrifice.

Between plenty of amazing
Hidden words of
There is a key of them All.
There is one master piece
That led each of us
Through the lacking of grace,
Of world's ugly
One is transcendence
To flaws and despairs
One is at birth
of mystery

I am a man
Only a single, a simple man
Dressed in
Covered by the unspoken,
Painted of white and black
in one breath
By one alchemical process:
High Love.

And no one
Than my soul mate
Will read my formula
So don’t even try
identify who is talking to you yet…
Only my precious love,
The woman who
did captured my glance
Can see me as I am.
For you, wanderers of
I deliver one light only,
My mystery…

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